The Rapid pace of urbanization today is seeing an ever increasing amount of multi-storey buildings in cities. These include corporate building, malls and high-rise residential. Owing to the ever decreasing space available in large cities, parking is an area of concern.

Globally, specialized multi-storey car parks have been built to tackle this problem. The key driver behind these is the FSI (Floor Space Index) or FAR (Floor Area Ratio) that is afforded to buildings in cities. However, managing these basements and multi-level car parks can be a challenge. Among the challenges faced are ensuring adequate ventilation, fire protection and ensuring floor decks are adequately coated for different situations.

Quantum Basement Management, addresses all these problems effectively and serves as a one stop shop.


Our pool of experts in car park management brings a wealth of knowledge to your aid.

Customer Service

We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in our quality of work

Ease of Hiring

Quantum ensures that the best available personnel are employed, trained and managed.

Cost Savings

Our Solutions guarantee overall cost reduction while at the same time maximizing net revenue.



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Optimised parking management with water-tight software to eliminate pilferage and increase revenue.

  • We offer state of the art parking management.
  • This expertise is supplemented by our unique Security Layer software that virtually eliminates parking revenue loss and pilferage.
  • Well trained and experienced teams ensure orderly parking through use of the latest “in vehicle management”
  • Our staff is trained to be courteous and safe and thereby ensure a pleasant experience for the customer.
  • Solution

    Energy Simulation

    Choice of lighting technologies to ensure optimum energy conservation

  • Basements can be notorious energy guzzlers. For instance a basement lit with tube-lights can cost as much in a year as the cost of the tube-lights themselves
  • Cost of replacing tube lights is often an unaccounted for cost and brushed aside as an operating expense
  • Together with the right simulation and choice of technology for lighting, energy can be conserved on a “PAY as you SAVE” basis
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    Toxic Gas Ventilation

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    Intelligent sensor based ventilation management for clean and safe air to breathe

  • Most basements have dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides apart from unburnt hydrocarbons. All these contribute to serious health effects on users and service personnel.
  • We employ state of the art computational fluid dynamics software (CFD) to accurately capture the ventilation patterns, air flow and determine placement of toxic gas sensors.
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    Lighting design for uniform luminance using state of art WBS software.

  • Lighting is of utmost importance in ensuring a sense of security and well being
  • Uniform lighting ensures a sense of space and can make even cramped basements look spacious.
  • Glare analysis ensures a comfortable drive in for users and helps minimise untoward incidents while entering and exiting basements
  • Selecting the correct colour temperature offers visual comfort.
  • This apart from the requirements of security cameras to function properly, thereby ensuring safety and security for users
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    Maximise Revenue

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    SOH – Space on hire for parking bays to add additional revenue

  • Creation of an optimized basement allows us to create an infrastructure that can be monetised.
  • This allows us to create advertisement spaces across the basement, which can then be rented out to paying customers who wish to advertise their products
  • An optimized basement also allows us to run events in the basement which could support business in the property.
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    Customer Experience

    Basement upkeep and investment to ensure optimized basements

    Basements require investments in the form of

  • Bay markings
  • Installation of Boom barriers and upkeep
  • Handhelds and state of art software
  • Reflectors
  • Rumblers
  • Floor washing
  • De-odourising and sanitation
  • Regular upkeep
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